Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Brugge - continuing the adventure

Rob with baby Jack
Contented dog...watching
Spent the day today with some other ASD teachers; Rob, Lauren and their newborn, Jack. Took Jack on his first boat through the canals, under bridges, and into areas not easily seen from footpaths. We even got to see a contended dog, lazing about on a pillow protruding from an open window. He was so still you first thought he was a wax figure but no, his eyes followed the boat as we motored by. He was the star of the show! I'm still amazed with the history here - we have so little of it in the states and here are buildings some of which have been around since the 13th century (though most have been renovated, many during the 1800's).

The rule of the day was movement - Jack really liked the cobblestones and as long as we were moving, he was content, quiet, and usually sleeping. Lauren and Rob did the typical passing baby along so that each one could take turns eating and we left shortly after we finished eating, allowing Jack to catch up on his bouncing. We wandered through the streets, checking out the chocolate shops (omg do they make delicious chocolate), all in the name of entertaining Jack.

At one time in its history, Bruge was a walled city. While virtually all of the walls are gone, four gates still remain with bits of pieces of 14th century walls. The walls were surrounded by a moat and today you can walk along a park that follows the old wall. Along the way there are four windmills that were used to grind grain into flour. Supposedly there are small museums in a couple and one at least still turns, although we found none of the above at any of them. We did see a man open the gate and enter one of them. We stuck around, hoping he was going to "start" it but alas, it was not in the cards.

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