Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Land of Interesting Bookstores

View of old church into
old nave
The next day found me heading off for Maastricht, via Eindhoven. Another friend from Japan, Kate, picked me up in Endhoven, where she lives, and we took off for Maastricht all while catching up on our lives since we left our hearts in Japan. Maastricht is a very old town with a large number of old buildings, primarily churches. Now, being the book person I am...the most interesting old building in the entire town was the Selexyz Bookstore, located in an old church. The entire building is filled with books (some even in English) and there were hundreds of people roaming the shelves. In the nave they have a coffee shop where we sampled a very sinful (hehehe) cheesecake.

Mendo...though the books themselves
were the real treat

Was inspired by the bookstore to check out the one listed for Amsterdam - Mendo. It's not the huge store I was expecting nor is it particularly flashy. What it has is a spectacular array of eye candy. This particular shop is filled with tomes featuring photographers that have recorded our world in unbelievable detail and beauty. It would take hours to go through a single book, looking at the breathtaking shots. My favorite was Michael Poliza: http://www.michaelpoliza.com/. Check the page out but be ready to spend an hour looking!

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