Monday, April 11, 2011

Walking around Ghandrung

Kitchen from the old days
The same basket was inside

The village also had 2 different museums, filled with artifacts from “life in the old days”, including baskets, farm implements, wooden wine containers and old weaving tools. There was a display of a “typical” day in the life of a Nepalese family. The greatest things about it was that many of the ‘artifacts’ are still in use today. The hand cranked spinning wheel could be seen sitting on someone’s porch with partially spun wool on it. The amazing array of baskets they used was both beautiful and functional – and again still in use. The same weave used in the past was found under the corn laid out to dry in someone’s courtyard. The basket the baby was in didn’t differ from the one on display inside the museum. Same, same but different describes it well.

A lively game of cricket

Posing for the camera
While we were out walking we came across a group of boys playing cricket. Kids are the same everywhere - they loved posing for the camera and we had a great time talking with them in crazy English, and taking their pictures while they performed more and more crazy acts for us to record for posterity. Wish there was a way to get pictures back to them - they were such clowns and so funny. They loved hamming it up for us and everyone wanted to be the one to hit the ball a mile away - sadly only one of them even connected while we were watching. I don't think it stopped their enjoyment.

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