Monday, April 11, 2011


Unique vehicles
Many vehicles
OK…no trip is complete without a comment on the driving and this one is no different. The people here are quite eclectic, gathering tips from around the world to create massive traffic jams and noisy passages on the various roads. Add to this the fact that road maintenance is running a bit behind (by maybe 20 years)… They drive on the left, unless, of course, you’re passing someone or dodging a pothole or driving down the middle of the road because…it’s there. 
Many more interesting vehicles
To be fair, some of the roads are only paved down the middle these days, making that the easiest place to drive. When you want to pass, you honk your horn. When you want someone to move over, honk, let you through, honk, stop honk. Now I must admit I got lost on honk talk but they seem to do just fine with it. It’s another country with legal “chicken”…as you’re coming up to an oncoming car, both of you driving down the middle of the road on the only strip of pavement, it’s always a test to see who will take to the gravel first. Usually both cars have to do it because there’s rarely enough space for even 1.5 cars on the middle strip. In town the cars jostle for position to get around a round-a-bout, make a turn or even just travel down the street. There’s always movement, rushing to get into any opening and push your way ahead. Add to this mix a million bikes, scooters and motorcycles weaving in between the cars and then the pedestrians trying to make their way across the streets. Really glad we had drivers the entire time. 

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