Monday, April 11, 2011

Milan Tea House in Ghandrung

We stayed this night at the Milan Tea House – a delightful place with beautiful rooms, hot showers and great food. Sadly the restaurant was colder than last night’s but I guess you can’t have everything – I really was wishing for that wonderful foot warmer…I am really tired of being cold. Another hailstorm kept us inside that evening – thankful that we at least had a closed room that was a bit warmer.
Despite the cold weather, the rain, the hail…we heard a terrific discordant clashing of symbols and gongs, loud and noisy, making its way towards the hotel. The same group of boys, along with some others, came rushing into the hotel, banging, laughing, singing and dancing for all. Some were wearing masks, others held sticks and many noisemakers. Apparently is was some kind of local celebration that they were participating in – part of it being going from house to house, asking for money and making noise until you paid up. Tserig wasn’t even certain exactly what they were celebrating, just that it was a local custom and that this was the night that they did it. The masks and noise-makers gave it a Halloween type feel to it. Crazy. 
They actually came twice to the tea house - the picture is from the first visit - sans masks. Sadly I didn't have the camera with me when they returned in the evening with even more boys and more noise-makers, masks, and much more confusion.

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