Monday, April 11, 2011

Leaving Ghandrung

Prayer flags added color to view
What a setting for a hotel
Once again we awoke to gorgeous blue skies and fabulous views of the surrounding mountains. Jeff got up early to go into the village and take some perfect shots – I stayed warm in bed. I am really spoiled by living in the Middle East – it’s never that cold when you wake up in the morning so it’s very easy to get up at any time. The view from the hotel, however, was not to be ignored. What a place to wake up in – to view the top of the world!

One of many pastoral farms
Today’s walk took us downhill through large terraced and scattered farms, beautiful settings with views of the far reaching valley. Really not certain why this side of the valley seems so much richer and better developed than the other side we hiked through – neither one has access to cars to bring in supplies, both cart everything in, both have hikers through during the peak season yet the richness and wealth over here is quite obvious – a huge difference. 

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