Saturday, January 8, 2011

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls – one of the seven wonders of the world. It is absolutely unbelievably huge! It’s the rainy season but the water hasn’t had a chance to build up down here on the Zambezi River so it’s still considered dry down here but still – the falls are over 2km long! Rather than falling into a large lake or basin of some sort, it actually falls into a cleft in the rocks – meaning that you must stand on the opposite side to even view the falls…or fly over it in a helicopter…hehehe. Of course, someone did think of that so one of the many opportunities available for the tourist just happens to be a helicopter ride. Despite the pep talk by the woman, sitting in the middle was NOT the spot to be if you wanted to take very many pictures or see much. Ah yes…you could see out both sides but I saw far more bushes and river than falls. That said, I did get a few views and between us we did come up with some great pictures. You’ll have to check out Jeff’s pictures when he posts them – I’ll send the link.
The final day we got up early to head down to the falls themselves to walk along the edge to view them from another angle. I must admit I am thankful that we were there during low water because the mist was unbelievable. The falls were spectacular, with water cascading over the ledge. The sunlight playing on the mist created many rainbows dancing across the falls. It was spectacular and gorgeous, however, everything was always just slightly out of focus. Everywhere you looked the mist dotted the sky, wetted the paths, kept the rainforest we were walking through perpetually wet. Stunningly beautiful but hard to record. 

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