Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sunset on the Falls

Another sunset trip was in order so we headed off for the river cruise, above the falls, and yet another opportunity for sunset shops, hopefully from a still platform this time. We were met by a group of male acapella singers who entertained us as we waited for our ship to depart. I do like some of the African rhythms and beats and they were quite good. We cruised towards the falls, close enough to see the eternal mist rising from the crashing waters and then turned to view the sunset. Noticing a large group of boats converging on one spot, our boat made its way over to give us a view of a hippo family frolicking in the water, this time at very close range. Papa hippo was in full form and made a lot of noise –  fortunately we stayed back a respectful distance and I kept hoping that the hippo was also of the opinion that we were far enough away. 

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