Saturday, January 8, 2011

More on Hwange Park

We spent an entire day combing the park, searching for our wild animals. We finally came upon a number of giraffes out in an open field. They seemed frozen in time, watching the cars that stopped on the road to observe and photograph them. A few of the animals went back to chewing on the trees and bushes in the area but we noticed, on one side, two of the animals still frozen, looking off ino the distance. Then it became apparent that one was female, and one most definitely male. Hmmm…he seemed to be exhibiting a certain amount of hmmm…physical interest in this female – and then suddenly, instantly, he leaped on her and in nano-seconds was off. It was absolutely unbelievable fast  but fortunately my camera worked in nano-seconds also. I was stunned that I even remotely caught anything at all because it was so mind boggling fast. Afterwards he nonchalantly walked over to the bush and started nibbling, without a care in the world.
While Jeff declined our last jaunt into the wilds, the rest of us piled onto the jeep, hoping, just hoping, to locate a great rhino. We searched and searched but alas, no great animals were found. We did, however, find a rather large, dark, nimbus cloud. The driver decided that putting the top on was probably a good idea…and no sooner said than done…the cloud burst. Sadly the water seemed to focus on one side of the jeep – my side. Despite our blankets and being huddled in the center of the seats, those of us on the wrong side were soaked. We miserably decided that enough was enough and we headed for camp. As we were crossing out of the main park and heading down the road, our eagle-eyed driver slammed on the brakes and started backing up…lions! He had found a female with her two cubs crossing the path, heading towards the bush on the other side. It was amazing – even though we had seen the lions before, these were truly “in the wild” so we celebrated – and all of our miserable thoughts of cold and wet evaporated! We at least returned with some pictures!

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