Saturday, January 8, 2011

Great Zimbabwe - for the Queen

The silo...what was it for?

View of the King's home on the hill
We made our way back down the path and headed across the plains for the 2nd half of the great ruins – the home for the women and children. According to the stories, the king made a great huge silo type structure (being polite here – there were lots of speculations as to what the particular column might represent). It is not a silo – it’s completely filled in – so it’s not certain what it was for, though perhaps as a display of power? Maybe we’ll never know.
The queen lived here and was in charge of the education for the girls. The young boys had a tutor who worked with them on the outside ring of this enclosure – men were not allowed within. Looking over some of the ruins you can see the king’s home perched on the hill – and imagine the voice carrying from there.
A very old aloe plant - about 20 ft tall!
A short side comment…. We kept seeing these rather tall palm trees, or at least they were tall like palm trees with fronds, dry and green. But wait…they weren’t really fronds…they looked like succulents. Succulents, on a palm tree? Finally, I had to ask…what in the world are they? Well…they are aloe plants, obviously VERY OLD and VERY TALL aloe plants. 

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