Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Running the Race

Now comes the fun part. No one sits in the grandstand and cheers – you can’t see anything anyway. Oh no. When the camels take off everyone jumps in their cars. The handlers take off on one side of the track – driving in their big SUV’s, (gas is not an issue here and neither is the environment…lol) madly hitting the buttons on their remotes to whip the camels to run faster. On the other side of the track, the camera crew starts rolling the cameras, leading the cars and buses that are following along watching the race, up close, taking pictures and wondering at the craziness (course I think horse racing is a bit crazy too – one in every crowd I guess). You can see the cars on the far side - those are the owners, trailing their camels. 
The camera truck was immediately in front of us - we were on the lead bus - and I guess the rule is you can't pass the truck because no one did. I did have to the shot of us all taking pictures of the camels...the gentleman in the very front taking a picture - was our driver! He took quite a few pictures too. Glad the camels don't run any faster.

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