Wednesday, March 17, 2010

And they're off

The camels are brought out, en mass, and put in the starting gate. No individual gates for these guys, they’re all in a pack and when the curtain goes up…they’re off. You’ll notice right away that there are no jockeys on their backs…and your kinda right but then again…there really are. The colorful saddle things on them are actually robotic jockeys. These electronic jockeys are set up with a switch attached to it and the owners can actually remotely switch the camel to make it run faster (they can apparently get up to speeds of 65 km per hour (40 miles). Not too shabby. They do start them young – they have a youngsters race later in the day but we didn’t stay for it. Note the old meeting the new – the lead guy on the camel is talking on a cell phone! We accept them everywhere but somehow it seems out of place here…

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