Saturday, March 20, 2010

Indoor Children Parks

Whenever I think of parks or playlands for kids I think of circuses or county fairs or even Disneyland - outside, dusty paths, lots of crowds, popcorn and junk food. the Middle East, outdoor playgrounds aren't quite so popular - only comfortable for a few months out of the year - they really wouldn't draw as many visitors during the summer. Especially parks that have lots of permanent rides. So... to meet the need for parents to take their children to parks, they moved them...indoors. Granted, each one is not as large as what you would find on acres of land, however, the intricacies and weaving of the different rides would rival anything the Japanese would produce in so little space. Many of the malls here have indoor play lands for the kids to enjoy, and parents to spend money. Most of them, of course, offer birthday party specials!
The one in Villagio Mall is still being developed (this is the mall with the gondolas and classic Italian villas flanking the "river") yet it boasts two roller coasters, a splash ending on one of them, a ferris wheel, numerous turn you over and spin you around till you puke rides and then an assortment of small trains and circus type rides. Of course, there's also the junk-food food court and games of chance. And not to ignore the slightly older kids, there's a race track - fairly large - where the young boys test out their skills at driving the cars at high speeds (practicing for when they get to do it on the streets).
The pictures aren't great (from my iphone) but you get an idea of what it's like. It'll be interesting to check it out when it's completed.

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