Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Day at the Races...Camel Races that is

We took a day to go out to see the camel racing. Yes, these long-legged ships of the desert can definitely put on some speed. We had had a hint o this when we had the camel race the car back in Mongolia but…this is the real thing.

We’ll start at the beginning…the track is NOTHING like our standard race tracks. First it snakes around for something along the lines of 12 km (9 miles). The grandstand is set up at the finish line – and even at that it is so far from the track as to be useless. We crossed the track (yes, right across the finish line), scooted under the railing, and then proceeded to cross the starting line (yes, where the camels line up). Only in Doha. We got to the other side and stood around, waiting for the start. 

To be perfectly honest...I would NOT want to be the guys holding those camels back, waiting for the screen to go up. And then...where do they go?? There doesn't seem to be any place to hide. 

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