Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving in Jordan

Once again our trip began with an early morning wake-up - 3:30 am!!! We were, however, in very good company because we ran into at least a dozen ASD teachers and families all at the airport, heading around the world for the break.

We spent the first hour sitting in the plane...waiting...and waiting... Apparently someone had checked in then disappeared so they had to unload to find his luggage. That wasn't bad but...we began to worry about our next flight from Bahrain to Jordan.We landed with 15 minutes to spare so we did the airport jog, weaving through people to get to our find that THAT plane was late :)
Jordan is very different from Qatar. There are far more mountains in the region around Amman. We are currently in the Dead Sea area, some 280m below sea level. It's quite warm and pleasant. Thanksgiving was spent overlooking the water, watching the sun set over the mountains of the West Bank.

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