Thursday, December 3, 2009

Commercial Break

Sometimes I just have to include some stuff that is just...there. Those things that make you pause and wonder Here is that moment...

Life grows quickly here. There's so little rain that when it comes, everything blooms quickly and dramatically, using every last drop of water for the greatest amount of growth. The little plant here was new - it had rained 2 or 3 days earlier...and here it is, pushing forth its leaves.

The caves that dotted the hillside, everywhere there were homes or burial chambers or just...caves...the views from them were very interesting. This one is looking over the middle class burial vaults - had many of the same style of markings on them but the size was a fraction of the "royal" tombs.

And finally, inside the caves, everywhere, there was color! The minerals to be found in the sand and rocks wove fabulous art.

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