Friday, December 4, 2009

Petra Hotel

We arrived in Petra late in the afternoon, to discover that they had overbooked our hotel and would we be willing to go to the Castle Movenpick, overlooking the valley. The one we had a reservation at was immediately opposite the Petra entrance. Well....they threw in 2 dinners and wine and the executive suite so Jeff said well, why not.

The road to the hotel was crazy. You've got to picture this...the town is laid out on hills much like San Francisco, however, the roads are as steep if not steeper and as wide as the Japanese streets - and just as congested. Add to this I am following a black car that knows his way around - he is racing to get up to the hotel. We are going through every back road immaginable, weaving around camels and cars and walking people. (Did I mention the car was a stick?) Believe me, we found the main road for our other trips up and down this mountain!

While the hotel itself was nice and the people were great, it was the view that was spectacular. We were even able to see our hotel from down in Petra - the picture here is the magnified view - it looked just like a small white blob from the Petra valley. Hmmm...thinking about it and looking at the picture STILL looks like a small white blob.

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