Friday, December 4, 2009

Mt. Nebo

From there we traveled across the country, stopping at Mt. Nebo where Moses died and, according to some, was buried there (we heard different things so I'll leave that discussion to others). The view was absolutely spectacular - they had a map with the main cities marked; Bethlehem, Jeruselum, Jericho and some others. It made you realize how close together all of these cities are - as well as how far apart (given that they were traveling by camel with no paved roads). You could actually see the cluster of buildings marking the cities from the point on the mountain.

They have a church up there but we were unable to enter it because it was being worked on. They are working on preserving many different sites across the country - evident in most of the areas we visited. They do have the olive tree that Pope John Paul planted as a symbol for peace protected as they work on the church next to it.

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