Sunday, May 12, 2013

La Digue Island

Main Street...where everyone rides bikes

La Digue is, indeed, still a touristy island and I know the culture has been changed but it has the most personality. The port is just a small dock, the people are, of course, waiting at the end to get you to rent a bike, there are tons of tiny restaurants, shops, and stores spread down the Main Street – really, the only street going east and west. We dutifully did rent our bikes and headed out to explore the island.
We discovered a small park area that we explored for a while. There are a lot of local crafts available – some spendy but some quite gorgeous. The wooden ships were unbelievably detailed and appropriately expensive! We wandered through the park checking out the tortoises and finally ending up on the stunning beaches. The huge rocks, the turquoise waters, the blue skies, wispy clouds; absolutely stunning. We wandered through the various beaches around the island, weaving through the rocks, splashing through the warm waters, watching the numerous wedding couples. There was a small, rustic chapel nestled in the rocks and apparently couples set up times for their wedding – we saw at least 4 couples while we were there.
Island resort...just waiting
This is the island we would come back to, the island to stay on and explore more fully. We all wished we had discovered it early in our trip, instead of our last day!

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