Sunday, May 12, 2013

Heading to the outer islands

Island travel

The Donaldson’s, one of our ASD principals and family, were also lounging and celebrating in the Seychelles so we took a trip out to join them on the beach at their hotel. We got to check out la Tortugas – a small enclosure with a few tortoises inside, including one that was quite small. The kids were having a wonderful time out in the ocean – definitely some mermaid blood I’d guess. 

We had planned on taking a trip out to the islands together but, alas, the seas were too rough and our trip was cancelled!  We, however, had one more day than they did so we used the ferry to head out to Praslin island - and hour and a half away through rough seas (bigger boat - it made it fine). Now originally, we were going to check out a famous huge coconut tree on Praslin island with quite unusual coconuts! They are double coconuts with an interesting resemblance to the female body. There was a lamp in our room that I really wondered about (not knowing about these coconuts). While we never saw one close's a link you can use to check it out. 
Happily, however, we decided to head over to La Digue island first. What a great choice.

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