Sunday, May 12, 2013

Eden Island

Eden Island from
We knew that the next day we would be meeting up with Cheryl and Dennis, two friends we teach with, and moving to a condo on Eden Island. I must admit, my first view of Eden Island did NOT give me a warm feeling. Although I distinctly hated the driveway to our first place (fortunately there was a back road in that was not quite so steep), Eden Island looked like condo city – packed on top of each other – with no personality. 
Dinner with Cheryl and Dennis
While it was a bit impersonal and very “ritzy” for the wealthy, it turned out to be a great find.
We had a two bedroom condo with a huge back porch overlooking one of the many marinas. Now a beach view would have been nicer but the water was still a gorgeous blue and the sunrises were stunning coming over the far mountains and reflecting on the still water. Out front we had a view of towering mountains that looked like they were quite close – though it turns out they were actually on the next island over. 
It was indeed a gorgeous location for spectacular sunsets and interesting panoramas as the shadows crept over the buildings. The amenities were outstanding; numerous pools for swimming, a gym, our own golf cart for moving around (cars were not allowed), a rather pricey grocery store, and a mall with numerous restaurants and shops.
Fortunately, Victoria, the capital, was very close and hosted a farmer’s market almost daily. We roamed the stalls, stocking up on some great veggies and fresh fish to cook on the BBQ grill. While we all love eating out, it was nice to have the option to cook at home – and MUCH cheaper! 
Indiana Jeff...and a pay phone?
It is amazing how expensive the restaurants are! We went to a seafood buffet one night – not for me, I might mention. No one thought to ask what the price was…$75 per person! Quite a shock when the bill came but it did include lobster and other foods. We were much more cautious after that!

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