Monday, August 20, 2012

Sunset at the Edge of the World

Ok, call us crazy...doesn't everyone go to Greece to hike eight miles to watch a sunset? Yes, we could have driven but where's the fun in that. We wove our way through the walkways threading their way through the whitewashed homes and hotels that are perched on the cliff side. The views were stunning. The steps steep -and uphill both ways. Even though it's a route written in the guidebook, the path is not marked. We actually only got off it once. 
Oia another picturesque city, perched at the edge of the world, filled with beautiful buildings, churches, and, of course, hundreds of shops. We wove through the streets and crowds to the far side of the island to perch ourselves for the sunset. I do have to be honest...the crowds of people in the city? Well, they came over on the tour buses, city buses, or drove. There are some sane people.  The sunset occurs over the ocean instead of land, giving you the unobstructed view of the sun going down...and everyone clapped when it went down..go figure.

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