Monday, August 20, 2012

Arriving at Mykonos

Mykonos...ah a bit of heaven on earth. Once again we were met with clear skies and gorgeous weather and wondrous cities built in the hills. The homes and buildings were built, one upon the other, scaling up the hills. It was spectacular to behold.
Our driver took us weaving through tiny streets, past climbing buildings, over hills until we reached the beach. The roads there make some of the Japanese roads seem wide and spacious in comparison. We drove straight towards a the last possible moment before impact, he turned right onto a totally hidden two way street-yes, two way even though it was one car wide. We wove around the local stores lining the beach, climbed a small hill, and ended up on the other side with a view of the marina and ocean behind. Traveling further we ended at the gates to the only place left to go...our hotel.
We found ourselves up in the hills at the end of the island with small cottages dotting the hill on the left and stunning ocean views to the right. The entrance to the hotel was through a cave, lined with Greek artifacts and displays. The view from the lobby above was spectacular - you know, I definitely need to find some more descriptive words so that I'm not redundant. Our room was beautiful but the view from the balcony was what made it. I'll let the picture speak for itself. Everything in the hotel was built with the view in mind. Rooms, restaurants, pools -even the walkers in the gym - everything was based on promoting the stunning view.

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