Monday, August 20, 2012


Mykonos Town was the "big" town on the island (its sole purpose was to cater to tourists) so we decided to make it a day. We started off early in the morning, walking along the coast, fending off willing taxi drivers. The hills had gorgeous little flowers, though the wind that always blew tended to keep them low and tucked behind rocks and various outcrops. Our goal for the journey was, appropriately, a series of preserved windmills that we're once employed to grind the flour for the residents.
Famous Mykonos windmills
Drinking water is a big issue on the islands...rain is not plentiful. Homes were built with roofs designed to capture the water, funneling it down below the house in a cistern for storage. Supporting small populations, it was sufficient, but as island residents and visitors increased, water became a big problem. For many years they imported all of their water, brought in by water tankers. Finally, they built a desalinization tank that now provides the island with clean water. I'm noticing lots of countries using desalinization for water...what's happening to the salt? Qatar pumps it back in the ocean...if they all do, what's going to happen to our oceans? 
Enough bird walk...Mykonos Town was a fascinating web of streets and stores. We wandered thru the winding paths, checking out the stores and changing vistas. They have a section called Little Venice - an area of homes and businesses built right along the water. We ate lunch from a restaurant with a balcony hanging out over the water...they had plastic strategically placed to protect their guests from all but the largest of breakers.
One of the many streets of Mykonos Town
We did finally thrill one of the many taxi drivers...we decided to ride back the hotel...
Next stop...the beautiful island of Santorini. We did get smart with the ferry system. They have upgrades for just a few dollars to first class...large chairs, table, service and uninterrupted views. Well worth the extra $10 or so to get. 

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