Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tourist Farm in Ljubljana

Ljubljana has hundreds of farms across the gorgeous countryside. The hills are absolutely pristine with manicured fields everywhere you look, peaceful cows grazing, corn growing, sheep, pigs, chickens, just perfect, ideal country life. Most of the farms are very small, allowing for self sufficiency and the sale of produce, and farm products. Many have family who might also work in the towns to make ends meet. Some of the farms, however, are offering “Tourist Farm” stays where they rent out some of the rooms in the old farmhouses to tourists and then providing various meals and drink to them. We decided that it was a great way to explore the country and meet the people.
The place we stayed was wonderful. We had a great view of the land and the three homes that made up this “farm”. The cows were brought home up the driveway and into the barn connected to the house, neighbors came to buy fresh milk and the family made their own cheese and produced just about everything; jams, meats, various veggies and breads. The meals were delicious – they had lots of fresh veggies that were cooked crunchy and wonderful. Course the fresh bread could have carried any meal! The room had the look and feel of a farmhouse (I thought of the Littzleman’s home from long ago), although multiple baths had been added, I suspect, to accommodate the tourists.
I know that there are recycle friendly towns all over the US and many places and people are passionate about making sure  we reuse / recycle everything possible. Slovenia has taken it to the countryside…walking down the small road from the house we happened upon the recycle bins…at least 30km from the city! They could be found everywhere – and you frequently saw people dividing their stuff between the various bins. 

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