Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Predjama Castle

If you’re in Slovenia and in the area of the Postanja caves, you have to go check out the Predjama castle, a castle that was built, somewhere in the 11th century, under a natural rocky arch that was high in a stone wall, obviously making it quite difficult to get to. According to legend, Ezram, the owner in the 15th century ran into a spot of trouble when he killed a commander in the army. He apparently ran away to hide in the castle and then proceeded to become something of a Robin Hood, robbing from the rich and keeping it for himself. The castle ended up being under siege for a very long time by the quite unhappy Hapsburgs, finally ending when Ezram was killed while on the commode. The latrines were on the outside edge of the castle for obvious reasons and they blasted it away when someone on the inside let them know he was indisposed…
The castle had some ups and downs, being partially destroyed in an earthquake. Another family, obviously wealthy, used the castle primarily as a hunting lodge. It is still in a remote part of the country and while there is a path up to it, and a tiny drawbridge connecting the road to the castle, it is still remote and not an easy place to get into. 

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