Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Sometime during the Middle Ages, the castle began, most likely with a single tower. Over time, a long time, more towers were built and the walls and fortifications were improved. The castle even included a moat, up there perched on that rock, complete with a drawbridge connecting the entrance through a gothic arch. If you look carefully at the picture, you can just make out the drawbridge - no more than a meter in length. The moat ends at the cliff's edge. 
The castle was continuously added to throughout the ages, with various architectural styles, Gothic, Baroque, and others I couldn’t ever identify. The whole castle has been restored and the frescos and churches and stone carvings are quite beautiful. It has been made into a museum that gives you a view of life during that period of time.
This seemed to be a good time to be at the lake to see the swan families. Every corner seemed to have at least one baby with a parent hovering nearby. This family just posed nicely for their picture to be taken…

Now…I can’t seem to find out why but…there is a local tradition called “Bled Days” that has been celebrated every summer beginning in the year 1876. The cool part about this festival is the candles. They have a bunch of boats out on the lake as the sky is turning dark. They are busy lighting candles and setting them on the water. By nightfall, around 10:00, the lake is filled with thousands of floating lights! Spectacular vision! A few boats were making small hot air balloons. The successful ones would drift out over the lake, climbing higher and higher until they would finally wink out. The castle and church were all lit up and the pletnas were taking people out for a brief tour of the candles. And then…the fireworks! They had a spectacular display over the lake – a perfect ending for the celebration.  

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