Saturday, November 3, 2012

Rhinos and Cape Buffalo

We had our first opportunity to see rhinos today. There were four white rhinos grazing in the grass on the side of the road. They didn't seem to be the least bit concerned about the cars going by at all. The Cape Buffalo also made their home here – another one of the Big Five here in Africa. They are very fierce looking animals – would not want to meet one at night. Strange to see so many birds hovering around them. Guess it helps that they’re herbivores, violent ones but herbivores nevertheless.

We drove up to the top of Baboon named, I believe, because there were hundreds of baboons up on the hill. You don't dare set anything down...the monkeys or baboons will make anything disappear. It did have a gorgeous view of the lake and surrounding area...and baboons. 

On our way back down, Jeff fortunately glanced over his shoulder and saw two lionesses coming down out of the hill. We were able to get pictures of them regally ignoring us, rolling in the grass, and finally stalking away, in search of game. A great opportunity!

We headed off for Flamingo Camp for the night...a "tented" camp. I had no idea what to expect and boy were we ever surprised. The reception area was nice, seating for many, very nicely decorated, a bit rustic but well done. We were led through manicured paths out to our tent...and what a tent it was! It's covered, and it is a tent (the wooden/reed cover is over the tent). The resemblance to anything I've ever known ends there. When they unzipped it, you entered into a plush room with a draped bed ... Should explain, draped as in a mosquito net, not drapes, nevertheless...carpets, lights, and a bathroom with a shower! If that isn't luxury camping, I don't know what is.

As we waited for dinner, a local group came to sing for us...and sell their DVDs. They were very good and they pulled in the entire group. Before we were done, they had everyone in a dance, winding through the reception area, forming bridges, circles and laughing like crazy.

Heading for bed that night, we had one more surprise in store for us...they had hot water bottles in the bed warming the sheets for us. I like to be pampered.

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