Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ambesoli Park...continued

 This afternoon began with the clouds still dancing around Kilamanjaro but by the time we were heading back in, the clouds had twirled away, leaving us an imposing view of the mountain. While it wasn't exactly the best lit photo opportunity, it was still that kodak moment to get a shot of the mountain, knowing full well that the pesky clouds could dance back over at a moment's notice.

We found a very reluctant giraffe...she was quite worried about crossing the road to the water hole, either because of all of the cars, or because of all of the elephants. She didn't tell us which, she just kept trucking along. We followed her for a while, hoping to get a close up of her. We did manage to get on the other side and get a decent shot of her with the mountain in the background. Not quite a classic shot but then again there was Mount Kilamanjaro and the giraffe. We did get a great shot with the elephants and the mountain. Can hardly wait to upload the pictures – hopefully some of them came out well.

Our first sighting of hippos in the wild. I have never seen so many at one time! We had headed out for the Enkongo Narok swamp, a very large lake...looked like a lake to me anyway. There we found all of the other animals we had seen around as well as the hippos. One of them kept opening its huge jaws with the giant molars and the ears wiggling but we were never able to have the camera on the right one at the right moment. Still, it was great to get to see them.

On our way back to the lodge, we were heading across a narrow stretch of road that bridged the edge of the swamp. In front of us there were two vans...and a herd of elephants. To add to the mix, three zebras suddenly came snorting and running through the melee. The elephants were very unhappy about it, snorting and trumpeting and milling around. The big male looked quite grumpy...and looked at our van. David immediately went into reverse and we just moved back, giving him room. After a stare-down with the van he must have figured we had cowered enough because he finally moved into the swamp. Whew. We crept by and headed back for our camp!

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