Thursday, February 18, 2010

On the Streets of Egypt

Time out....time for a bit of a look at some quick shots around Egypt.  We saw literally hundreds of women balancing large packages on their heads, walking through the shops or on the rural roads we drove through. Some of the bundles were huge - this one is quite small in comparison (but the picture wasn't blurry).
Need something delivered to your home? It wasn't unusual to see all sorts of things pulled or cared by horses, donkeys or camels through the streets. Not sure what was in this big black "truck" but that poor little donkey was not moving with very much speed.
And finally, I couldn't resist this small bird, sitting on the rail of one of the many ships that sail the Nile River. I like the reflection of the bird in the window. Fortunately he was very patient - I must have taken 40 pictures to get one that came out sorta like I wanted.

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