Saturday, February 27, 2010

Old village in Qatar

After we roamed about the site, we traveled to a small village that was set on the ocean. Odd rooms and buildings were left standing, along with with wind tower that encouraged air circulation -necessary in the oppressing heat during the summer months.
The village was right on the water. With the strong, historical connection to pearl diving, I'm sure that this village was prosperous in its day. It's proximity to the fort they are excavating was probably not accidental.
At the time of our visit, however, it was quite cold and windy, so we used one of the remaining set of walls to enjoy a relaxing lunch. Even built a small fire in the corner to warm up the area - difficult since there was no roof left on the building. The rain that came was refreshing - and we all just moved to the side walls to wait for it to pass.

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