Saturday, January 9, 2010

Further rambling and driving

The other thing I noticed about the roads in Egypt is that they are shared with many donkeys, camels, carts, trucks, horses, sellers, walkers, drivers, buses, taxis…the list goes on… The shot of the horse and camel was taken immediately, and I mean immediately, outside the gate around the Sphinx…so much for a lonesome desert location. This variety of travelers makes for interesting traffic patterns. The sudden slowdown may be from an accident, perhaps too many cars, or a donkey attempting to pull a rather large load down the street…one just never knows.
In downtown Cairo the number of carts and such dropped somewhat but they were still there. Rides on horse drawn carriages are a big tourist pull in all of the cities so you couldn’t go far without seeing one. The sheer numbers of animals on the road increases exponentially the further away you travel from a large city.

Donkeys and horses were used to pull all sorts of things to market, out to the farm, to help a family move and who knows why else. The loads they put on them were humungous! This one was pulled by a horse – and, believe me, he wasn’t moving very quickly.

Large loads are not reserved for only the animals – even trucks sported huge loads that spilled over the sides.

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