Saturday, January 9, 2010

Eclectic Driving

No trip anywhere in the world is complete without my noting the various driving habits and conditions of the country. Egypt is no different. Motorists here “drive by the horn”. They use it either as a form of communication or as music – not sure which. The horn could have many different meanings – “don’t move into my lane”, “I’m here”, “I’m turning left (or right)”, “I’m stopping”, “I’m coming over”, “get out of my way”, “why aren’t you moving?” (never mind that the car in front of you is at a complete stop). The list goes on and on and I never did figure it out. We spent a LOT of time sitting in large parking lots on the street, though if you actually wanted to get out of your car, finding a place to park was almost impossible. Some people stopped in the street, ran into whatever store, came back out and the traffic was still where it was. Here they just honked if they were stopping (different from Japan where they stopped also but they put on their blinkers). Ah well…I’ll leave the driving to the locals in Egypt.

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