Saturday, October 17, 2009


Imagine walking into a room with absolutely nothing but furniture inside of it. Picture every single kind of furniture you've ever was probably here also. The number of pieces imported from other countries is astounding and the craftmanship is amazing - all the more so when you think of it being made years ago. Some were more modern pieces but I would bet some were pushing 80 or 90 years (he started collecting in 1960 but I bet he collected modern as well as antique things - the collection contains both.)
You could wander down the "paths" that wove between entire bedroom sets with the inlaid mother of pearl designs. The wood is a redwood looking color and the inlaid designs spectacular. The intricate work took years to complete I'm sure, with the tiny pieces carefully created and inserted. Absolutely stunning!

A little gaudy for my taste by absolutely stunning - in a cathedral sized room I'd imagine - were the pieces from Damascus where they used the mother of pearl and silver wire to decorate the furniture. (Mamlouk Style, according to the sign). The small section here is just to show the style. Imagine massive pieces of furniture - one dresser was at least 5 feet tall - absoltuely covered with this work. They had tables, chairs, mirrors (full length, 3 wide), dressing tables, the list goes on.

The carving on the various door, furniture, windows etc were unbelievable! Not only that, trees are not particularly plentiful here – though it was a more fertile land at other periods of time. It seems that the doors and windows were all carved in various styles. The one here was in an "African" style. Others had floral motifs or repeated patterns. Absolutely outstanding!

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