Sunday, October 18, 2009


I'm amazed at the eclectic taste of the man who managed to collect all of the items here at the museum. I'm sure some are things people donated over time, and some must have been gifts but still...the quantity and variety is amazing.
The fossil room was wonderful - they even have a baby dinosaur head! (no...didn't get a picture of it). It has a huge assortment of various minerals and fossils. They had some gorgeous shells - highly polished and spectacular. Much larger than ones I've seen before and the colors were amazing. They also had a number of fairly complete fossils of various animals. It was really interesting to see - wish the cards had said more about the various items than they did - needed to be standing next to Jeff more but the room was so crowded and Barb and I were talking about bringing the kids here. Turns out it's the annual field trip - omg...140 kids in this tiny room!!! It's going to be crazy.

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