Monday, April 4, 2016

Zanzi Resort

Geckos carved in the wall

Painting on our wall
Zanzibar is a small island off the coast on Tanzania. It includes a number of small islands and two larger ones, and often called the Spice Islands because of its large spice plantations – and one of its main sources of income. Sadly it is a very impoverished country, with those spices and tourists being the main sources of income. 

They do work to spread the wealth as much as possible: drivers are only drivers and they connect you to the tour guide who works in his area. The spice tour guide only conducted the tour and there was a different man who climbed the trees to show us spices, as well as one who shared fruits with us, and yet another to sell us spices. Seems like a lot of people but it did work to give more people an income. Sadly, the average daily wage is still less than $1 a day and there’s something along the lines of 50% unemployment.

Our personal swimming pool!

We stayed at a wonderful resort called the Zanzi Resort. It was located on the ocean with both ocean villas as well as new Eco villas available. We had one on the ocean, complete with our very own swimming pool and access to the small beach. Loved the interior decorations – they simply painted pictures on the walls! The food was absolutely divine, with locally procured produce and various ethnic and chef created meals. He was an outstanding chef – I honestly think he should create a cookbook.

The setting was also absolutely gorgeous and so relaxing. We took walks out to the pier, walks at sunset, kayaking, the outside gym (a daily haunt of mine), as well as evening dining at the end of the pier! Nice to be pampered!

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