Friday, January 8, 2016

Route of 1000 Kasbahs - Day 7

The Road of 1000 Kasbahs is a link between the high peaks of the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara. The landscape is sensational, with craggy sandstone and limestone hills (Jeff loved the geologic formations) populated with the stark contrast of beautiful oases of palm groves and rose gardens. 

Kasbahs, of course, abound, the walls of Skoura and Ait Benhaddou’s Kasbahs the same tawny, purple hues as the surrounding rocky land. This particular Kasbah is an example of southern Moroccan architecture. It is primarily a collective group of dwellings. The homes are inside defensive walls, crowding the people together. The homes themselves vary greatly, some very modest and others are like small urban castles. There are also many community areas including a mosque, public square, grain threshing areas as well as cemeteries (one Muslim, one Jewish).  

I've heard of oasis located in a desert but never realized the stark contrast they actually make in the landscaping. We were driving through barren rocks (Jeff loving the extreme geology presenting itself) when we came around a corner to see a wall of green below us. Water was present and literally changed the world from the Browns rocks and dust to green! The contrast is believable and gorgeous.

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