Friday, October 2, 2015


The next day found us back on the water, floating, and biking, along more scenic waterways until it was time to head out for the Lagasse Abbey, one of the largest abbeys in France that dates back to the 8th century. The abbey has now been divided; the medieval, older part of the abbey is open to the public while the more 18th century renovations is part of a religious community. While portions are still under renovations, we were able to visit much of the chapel and living areas of the original abbey. No day is complete without a winery visit, this time in the Villemagne.

Our final day dropped us into the City of Carcassonne from the 12th century. The fortress created on the site was formidable with a fortified chateau (residential buildings) and a number of protective measure taken to keep foreign invaders out, should they get past the double outer walls a necessary precaution with the Crusades going on. The outer walls have been restored and portions of the ramparts are open for walking along, with, of course, spectacular views of the city and surrounding country-side.

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