Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Prime Meridian

The line runs down the buildind
and across the plaza...just
so you can take your picture!
I know you are all just begging for knowledge about the Prime Meridian. It just so happens that the north-south line that “divides” our globe runs through Greenwich, conveniently located just outside of London (well, close enough to get to anyway). It provides a few things for us, allowing an accurate map of the sky, establishing Longitude 0°, and helping us determine what time it is around the world. Got that?

Now, it was identified in about 1850 but in the 1880’s they decided it really was 43 ft over from that location. There’s now a mark on the building as well as a great photo-op that we all lined up for to get our picture taken straddling the East-West line. Reminded me of our trip to Ecuador and visiting the equator!

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