Sunday, January 5, 2014

Wildlife Safari

Carried away with koalas
Peek a boo
I wish I could say the wildlife safari was well endowed with money. It's quite apparent that the city supports Sovereign Hill far more than the park, sadly. It was, however, a delightful place to stroll, catch pictures of the roaming kangaroos (like the peacocks at our zoo), and see the koalas!

When we had koalas at the Oregon zoo, they were the very normal hang out in the trees, sleep 20 hours a day, munch some food and go back to sleep type of koalas. On a good day, if one moved so much as a single leg, we got excited. These guys Moved! They climbed to the ground, they carted a baby to another tree, they groomed, they jumped from limb to limb, they ate, they slept, they played...I think we were there for the entire four hour period that they're typically awake during a day. Such a great opportunity!
This one carefully posed for us
Yes, the baby is in the pouch!
We did get lots of pictures of the roaming animals...kangaroos and emus were everywhere. There were also some alpaca / llama type animals that roamed by the lake. Did I mention kangaroos - they were everywhere!

Wonder what they're saying?

How often can you stand right next to a kangaroo? Talk to a kangaroo who is handing on your every word? Feed a kangaroo? And even pet one!

Alpaca at the lake
We followed one of the keepers around a bit as he fed various animals.

Spotted tailed Quell
 The Tasmanian devils are much smaller than I imagined but boy do they set up a jarring sound when they're protecting their food! The spotted tailed quell also squabble over the food, though they aren't anywhere near as vocal about it. Mostly it was the babies stealing mom’s food and arguing with her when she took it back.  

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