Saturday, July 6, 2013 of Museums

Amsterdam is just filled with museums of all types - pretty much anything you'd like to see. You could check out Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Modern Art, as well as history of just about any period you'd want. We did check out a few - my limit for the short trip this time.
Van Gogh was my favorite one - amazing to see so many of his pictures up close - and the huge variety of other works I had never heard of before - including a number of Japanese subjects! They also had some fascinating close-ups of paintings. He famous bedroom picture has print from the newspaper he wrapped the painting in on the orange blanket. A number of his paintings have sand or grass in them because he painted outside so often. It was fascinating to look through a microscope and see the brush strokes he used - and the "extra" stuff included.

In one of the history ones - I think it was Rijksmuseum - there was an old library - with a wonderful circular staircase up in a corner. Sadly we couldn't roam the shelves but we could look over the area.

There were huge collections of different famous paintings, sculptures, wonderful doll houses and beautiful replicas of boats - sailing vessels figured big in this part of the world! The doll houses were unbelievable - taller than any kid who would use them and filled with wonderful replicas of furnishings, paintings and life-like dolls. The attention to detail was astonishing. Absolutely exquisite!

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