Friday, December 3, 2010

Spanish Staircase

The Scalinata, or Spanish Steps, have the distinction of being the "longest and widest staircase in Europe". Really??? We headed off in search of them, a prime spot for watching the sunset in Rome. It is indeed a popular site with hundreds of people hanging out by the fountain (yes, all piazzas must have a fountain), up the steps, and along the distinctive church perched on the top, the Trinita de Monti.
Hmmm...seems the word "longest" got lost in translation...must be the qualifier "widest" that gives it the distinction. At only 138 steps, it hardly qualifies for long. It is, however, quite striking in the sinking rays of the sun and everyone was out en mass to enjoy it; dances going on around the fountain, a film of some sort being shot, street vendors nestled into every flat space, every hand had a camera, and the voices were from every language.

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